Grants Approved by LDFF during 2020-2021, Benefiting Students of the Lower Dauphin School District

STEM Greenhouse and Gardening Club (HS)—Craig Cassel's STEM Greenhouse and Gardening Club is going green . . . or growing green shall we say? Thanks to a grant from LDFF, this group of 25 students has planted plants to use in science experiments on air quality and distributes plants to teachers and students throughout the school for beautification and improved wellness. In the next year, the group plans to establish irrigation for and maintain planters around the outside of the school. Furthermore, they hope to take their lesson for plant development and growth to the elementary schools. The STEM Greenhouse and Gardening Club's goal is to teach science, technology, engineering and math skills to elementary students through school lessons and improve the club to make it more self-sustaining through plant sales with community support. Thank you for letting the LDFF help you "grow" your Club and provide students with a hands-on learning experience!

Bringing Colors of the World to LD—Thanks to Erin Kelly for bringing "Colors of the World" to Lower Dauphin elementary schools! Each classroom in our district now has skin tone crayons that help students to be more inclusive in their creativity all year long . . . a thoughtful way to celebrate our differences in day to day projects. Mrs. Brooks' kindergarten class at Conewago recently took part in a project using the new materials!

This colorful grant was funded by Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation . . . thank you Erin for giving us the opportunity to help bring your project to life!

Price Building Clothing Bank—Kid2Kid Clothing Bank is up and running thanks to Kevin Deibler and his team of volunteers and students at the Price School! This project was funded in part by a grant from the LDFF and is already helping LD students and families in need.

Membean Vocabulary Program (MS)—LDFF grant funds are helping students at the MS! Shannon Engle, MS Reading and 21st Century Skills teacher, is using Membean, an online vocabulary program, to help her students improve their reading and vocabulary skills. The students find the program to be engaging and the data/analytics Mrs. Engle is provided helps her streamline their learning.

Finch Robot 2.0 (Londonderry)

Falcon Packs Eagle Scout Project—

SNHS Pavilion Eagle Scout Project (High School)—

Traverse Rock Wall (Londonderry)—

Thanks to your generous support, the Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation has provided 191 grants since 2008, totaling more than $124,000!

YOU are making a difference!