About the Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation

In 2006, a group of concerned residents in the Lower Dauphin School District had a vision and starting the Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation made sense for several reasons:

  • LD has many worthwhile programs and innovative ideas that cannot be implemented using the limited funds derived from tax dollars.
  • The district continues to grow rapidly; making it even more important to find alternate funding sources.
  • Many district residents, graduates and companies have a strong affiliation with the district. The Foundation provides a vehicle for these supporters to help Lower Dauphin maintain its position as one of the finest districts in the state.
  • As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Foundation is eligible to apply for and receive funding from private foundations and government sources that might not otherwise be available to the district.

What we do: Foundation Grants

The foundation solicits grant applications from Lower Dauphin faculty, staff, students and community members during two cycles each year. Criteria for approval include, among other items, consistency with LDFF’s mission, the number of students impacted and the innovative aspects of the grant. Our hope is that grant applications will represent a broad range of ideas, applicants, students impacted and locations.