Grants Approved by LDFF during 2020-2021, Benefiting Students of the Lower Dauphin School District

  1. STEM Greenhouse and Gardening Club (HS)—$513.70
    A group of 25 students grew plants to use in science experiments on air quality and distributed plants to teachers and students throughout the school for beautification and improved wellness. In the next year, the group plans to establish irrigation for and maintain planters around the outside of the school. Furthermore, they hope to take their lesson for plant development and growth to the elementary schools. The STEM Greenhouse and Gardening Club’s goal is to teach science, technology, engineering and math skills to elementary students through school lessons and improve the club to make it more self-sustaining through plant sales with community support.
  2. Bringing Colors of the World to LD—$395.91
    Each elementary classroom in our district now has Crayola Colors of the World skin tone crayons that help students to be more inclusive in their creativity all year long . . . a thoughtful way to celebrate our differences in day to day projects. Provision of this resource aligns with the efforts of the district to be aware of, react to, and ideally, be proactive about, the current issues of social justice, equity and equality.
  3. Kid2Kid Clothing Bank (Price School)—$300
    The staff at the Price School started a clothing bank that is available to families in need who reside within the school district. There is a now a clothing collection bin at each of the schools within the district. This project addresses the need within the school district to provide adequate clothing for struggling families at no cost to them. There is ample research showing that students who do not have their basic needs met do not do as well academically as more fortunate children.
  4. Membean Vocabulary Program (MS)—$500
    Reading and 21st Century Skills students are using Membean, an online vocabulary program, to help improve their reading and vocabulary skills. Membean provides guided, engaging, multimodal vocabulary instruction while helping students retain what they learn. The students find the program to be interesting and the data/analytics provided helps streamline their learning.
  5. Finch Robot 2.0 (Londonderry)—$1,112
    Londonderry 4th grade used Finch Robots from Birdbrain Technologies to incorporate coding and STEM into their curriculum. The 4th grade students also created projects of their own such as guiding the Finch Robot through a maze using geometry and measurement as well as using the distance sensors to keep it “socially distant” from objects.
  6. Falcon Packs Eagle Scout Project—$500
    The Falcon Packs Program sends home six to ten food items each week during the school year to more than 180 students across the district. Adding distribution boxes and improving the previous ones will allow for the Falcon Packs Program to provide students additional access to much needed nourishment and support. The student plans to build and improve two to three Falcon Packs distribution boxes, find locations within the community to display the distribution boxes and create a more detailed ‘how-to’ guide on building the boxes.
  7. SNHS Pavilion Eagle Scout Project (High School)—$500
    A 24′ x 30′ pavilion is being constructed in the Science National Honors Society (SNHS) rain garden at the high school. The pavilion was designed to have enough space to fit 4 picnic tables and comply with ADA requirements. This new structure will allow students In the SNHS and the high school to enjoy a roofed outdoor classroom space to learn in, safe from elements such as sun and rain.
  8. Traverse Rock Wall (Londonderry)—$1,000
    Not all children enjoy participating in team sports. Climbing provides an opportunity to build physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills. The Traverse Rock Wall System being installed at Londonderry will be used during Physical Education on a regular basis for all students. The goal is to increase student engagement and enjoyment in physical activity as well as overall fitness. Students will get a brain work out in addition to their physical one as they use problem solving and critical thinking to overcome challenges and, at times, work as a team.

Thanks to your generous support, the Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation has provided 172 grants since 2008, totaling more than $110,000!
YOU are making a difference!

STEM Greenhouse and Gardening Club, High School (2021)