Grants Approved by LDFF during 2019-2020 and Benefiting Students of the Lower Dauphin School District

(Please note, several grants were approved but postponed due to the timing of COVID-19 and early school closure.)
  1. Edible School Garden (East Hanover)—$1,000
    The funds will be used to expand a student garden grower’s space where students will connect with nature and the environment and learn the value of growing their own food. Students will develop interpersonal skills, demonstrate responsibility and learn how gardening contributes to self-sufficiency. Success will be determined by student participation numbers and amount of food grown and harvested.
  2. Coffee Cart (Conewago)—$289.64
    Conewago Elementary School instituted a coffee cart that was run by students and named 3C’s Cafe. The students were in charge of collecting orders and filling and delivering the orders on Friday mornings. This was a great opportunity for students to learn valuable skills such as counting money, sequencing steps, communication, teamwork, inventory and hygiene.
  3. After School Play Program (Londonderry)—$937.76
    Created in 2017, the After School Play Program provides students with additional time for physical activity which has been proven to help combat the effects of trauma and poverty on brain development. The staff had been borrowing PE equipment and needed funds to supplement materials as well as build a Gaga Pit for use by the students. The program is growing in popularity with approximately 80 students attending each session.
  4. Coffee Cart (Middle School)—$470
    Life skills students at the Middle School launched a coffee cart during Marking Period 2. The students were trained in the basics of food safety and sanitation, learned customer service skills and helped design the logo for their aprons. Increased eye contact, leadership, manners and other positive behaviors were observed in the students during delivery days. At the end of the marking period, math concepts of money identification and counting were reviewed.
  5. Holocaust Speaker (Middle School)—$750
    Holocaust education is a part of eighth grade curriculum. Bringing in a Holocaust educator with more than 40 years of experience will enhance the students understanding on the topic in a more personal way.
  6. Jazz Club Books (Nye)—$262
    A jazz club has been created at Nye comprised of fourth and fifth grade students who have demonstrated an advanced level of musicianship. The club provides members with an opportunity to showcase their musical talents and increase their knowledge of the basics and history of jazz. The requested funds will be used to purchase instructional books that can be reused. The goal of the club is to increase student engagement and retention as they level up to middle school band and orchestra.

Thanks to your generous support, the Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation has provided 168 grants since 2008, totaling more than $104,000!
YOU are making a difference!

Membean Vocabulary Program, Middle School (2020)