Educational Opportunities/Grants

The mission of the Foundation is to ensure the highest level of educational innovation supporting students, faculty and staff with community involvement in a partnership of lifetime learning. Through the Foundation, Lower Dauphin will have a stable base of funding during challenging economic times and a long-term base of support to meet needs as they change over time. Together, we can ensure that help will be available to our community when it is needed most.

The foundation again solicited grant applications from Lower Dauphin faculty, staff, students, and community members during two cycles this past year. Criteria for approval included, among other items, consistency with LDFF’s mission, the number of students impacted, and the innovative aspects of the grant. Grant applications increased significantly this year, and represented a broader range of ideas, applicants, students impacted, and locations.

If you have a project, download a concept form: .doc /.pdf

The Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of grants to support staff and student projects and activities that will enhance the education process. The purpose of the foundation shall be to support innovative programs to promote academic excellence and educational quality for students of the Lower Dauphin School District.

Download a grant application:

Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation Grant Application 18-19

Although funding requests are reviewed three times a year, it is suggested that requests be submitted by November 10, 2018 for projects running from November through January; January 5, 2019 for projects from February through the end of the school year; and April 27, 2019 for projects running over the summer through the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

The foundation is proud to have provided the funding for the following:

Grants Funded by LDFF during 2017-2018 and Benefiting
Students of the Lower Dauphin School District

  1. After-Graduation Party (LDHS) – $500

  2. Fly like a Falcon Reward Program (LDMS) – $200

  3. Flexible Seating (Nye) – $500

  4. Wallop’s Island (LDHS) – $500

  5. Art Show 2018– Art Department – $500

  6. Life Skills Ukuleles (LDHS) – $400

  7. Nanoline Contest (LDHS) – $1,000

  8. Hummelstown Summer Rec Program – $500

  9. Sphero Accessories (MS) – $2,400

  10. Summer Grades 4-8 Science Program (Districtwide) – $3,740

  11.  Falcon Packs (MS) – $500

  12. STEAM Greenhouse (LDHS) – $1,800

  13. Flexible Seating (Conewago) – $500

Plus an additional 119 grants over the past eleven years. Thanks for your support!  You are making a difference!