Educational Opportunities/Grants

The Lower Dauphin Falcon Foundation (LDFF) is pleased to announce the availability of grants to support staff and student projects and activities that will enhance the education process. The mission of LDFF is to ensure the highest level of educational innovation supporting students, faculty and staff with community involvement in a partnership of lifetime learning. Through LDFF, Lower Dauphin will have a stable base of funding during challenging economic times and a long-term base of support to meet needs as they change over time. Together, we can ensure that help will be available to our community when it is needed most.

Although funding requests are reviewed three times a year, it is suggested that requests be submitted by October 26, 2021 for projects running from November through January; December 21, 2021 for projects from February through the end of the school year; and February 22, 2022 for projects running over the summer through the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

Please note, if you would prefer an editable document (complete fields online and email), please send your request to and include the document title.

If you have a project (larger than a typical grant), download a Project Concept Form:
print and complete (send via mail or scan and send via email)

Download a Grant Application Form:
print and complete (send via mail or scan and send via email)

Download an Expense Voucher (once grant program/activity is completed):
print and complete (send via mail or scan and send via email)

LDFF solicited grant applications from Lower Dauphin faculty, staff, students and community members during three cycles last school year. Criteria for approval included, among other items, consistency with LDFF’s mission, the number of students impacted and the innovative aspects of the grant. Grant applications represented a broad range of ideas, applicants, students impacted and locations. Due to the impact of Covid-19, several grantees were unable to complete their projects.

Grants Approved by LDFF during 2020-2021, Benefiting Students of the Lower Dauphin School District

  1. STEM Greenhouse and Gardening Club (HS)—$513.70
  2. Bringing Colors of the World to LD—$395.91
  3. Kid2Kid Clothing Bank (Price School)—$300
  4. Membean Vocabulary Program (MS)—$500
  5. Finch Robot 2.0 (Londonderry)—$1,112
  6. Falcon Packs Eagle Scout Project—$500
  7. SNHS Pavilion Eagle Scout Project (High School)—$500
  8. Traverse Rock Wall (Londonderry)—$1,000

Plus an additional 161 grants during the past 13 years. Thank you for your support! 
You are making a difference!